Tynedale Chess Club - Games Page

This page gives access to 3 three further pages which will play through games interactively on a PC
There are two different methods employed, though the first is preferred methood
Members are encouraged to submit pgn databases that will be incorporated into the site
Method 1 : Uses a PGN viewer called "Chess Tempo PGN Viewer".
This is licensed under a Creative Commons License and is free on non-commercial web site(s)
provided that each page displaying the viewer has the following link: http://chesstempo.com
Method 2 : Some games have been generated from Chessbase
Each of the following links will open a new page
Link to a pgn database with a drop down menu showing several games, mainly Tim's
Link to Alex's games against John Morton ( a Chessbase extract)
Link to a pgn database showing Alex's game against Zheming Zhang
Link to a pgn database showing 2 games against Yichen Han 12 Jan 2019
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